7 weird things

I’ve seen this meme floating around the blogosphere for the past few months, but never thought I was wierd enough to give it a whirl. But as I am home sick with some sort of flu, again, I’d thought I’d give it a try.

  1. My right pinky toe is double-jointed. It can bend outwards at nearly a 90 degree angle, though that’s not apparent from all the flesh. It doesnt hurt.
  2. My morning routine begins with first sitting up and staring into space all groggily-like for at least five minutes.
  3. My favorite comfort food, the food I eat when there’s nothing else to eat, is a bowlful of spagetti or linguini topped with Prego spagetti sauce. I keep about one jar of sauce in my pantry at all times.
  4. I must have my blankets perfectly arranged and evenly draped upon the bed before I will crawl under the covers. I don’t like bunched-up covers piled upon me.
  5. I like to sleep “hot.” A little sheen of sweat never bothered me. But the slightest chill draft snaking its way across my shoulders will wake me up at night.
  6. I hate shellfish, but I will eat the occasional fried calimari.
  7. Unlike most people, It seems that I am utterly normal. It took everything I had to dredge up these six things. Does my normalacy make me wierd? I actually think so! Most of you people are freaks…I guess thats why I like you.

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