You can’t handle the truth!

Thanks for playing the Horseshit! Game. The winner, with 7 out of 15 correct, is….MARTHA!
Congratulations, Martha. Here is your prize:

Here is the rundown of all the horseshit answers:

1. B is horseshit. I have never been called thunderbutt. The only name I go by is “Rachel.”

2. Both answers are true.

3. Both answers are horseshit. I have everything I want in my relationship with Brian, and I cannot reduce my relationship to two things.

4. B is horseshit. The thought of being felt up by ANYONE, except Brian, nauseates me.

5. A is horsehit. At that moment, I wanted chocolate, not an orange.

6. Both answers are true.

7. Both answers are horseshit: Kara doesn’t do memes, and Puss has gobsmacked plenty to talk about, she doesnt NEED memes.

8. Both answers are true.

9. Both answers are horseshit. I had oatmeal for breakfast again, and swedish meatballs and beans for lunch.

10. B is horseshit. The last two people I had to at the time of posting were Janet and Brian.

11. B is horseshit. I never do artwork on Fridays.

12. B is horseshit: The second longest car ride would be the drive from Connecticut to Idaho.

13. Both answers are horseshit. My favorite holidays are Memorial day (can you say vacation time?) and Halloween (candy and costumes!)

14. B is false. I actually love sweet wines, ESPECIALLY the botryized wines like the Coeur Cheverny cuvee Renissance I had last weekend. But I can only tolerate lemonade. I find it to be too artificial-tasting from the buttload of sugar.

15. Both are true.

So thanks to everyone who partcipated. I hope it was entertaining for you!

12 thoughts on “You can’t handle the truth!

  1. Congratulations Martha!
    Thunderbutt–very creative Rachel, especially given your heritage and talent to pass gas with the best of us. (second only to your sense of humor) If my Dad were here now, we could all have another round of family fun and play a game of cut the cheese! Thank you sweetie for the fun read!

  2. Yeesh – Sometimes I still accidentally log in from the old account (where I still havemy promary email).

    But, yeah! I was mostly right. I’ll check that link.

  3. That Martha is a clever one.

    And ‘bint’ is Brit slang for a woman. You may have heard it in Monty Python and the Holy Grail – ‘Just because some watery bint chucks a sword at you…’


  4. Matt: only if you take it as one. Why? Do you need validation or something? I kid, I kid.

    Dawn, I got it from Citzen. Thank her.

    Em; Yeah Granpa sure did like to fart.

    Kara; well, youre in Budapest. You cant do anything about it, now.

    Citizen: I see lots of typos…did you drink too much wine?

    Puss; Oh yeah! Thanks for the clarification. I thought you were calling me a smart ass, but now I see you were calling me a smart woman. Thanks!

    Woozie; Im not sure. I hardly every do the artworks now, but I have never done it on Fridays. Prolly because I need at least one wind-down night a week and I like Friday to be it.

  5. hahah… thanks everyone 🙂

    and i hope i didn’t offend you with any of my guesses that were incorrect. i did my best 😉

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