Caves and Red Dust Redux

My Mom read my earlier post and emailed me this picture. Its old and grainy, but its from 1983, so that should be expected.

The oldest girl in that picture, in the yellow shorts and pigtails is my sister, Jen. The girl in pink next to her is me. The other kids are my cousins, goofing off.
What I find interesting, if you look closer at the picture, you will see that I am looking down at my upraised hand, within which I am holding a pile of white sand.
I KNEW my memory was not playing with me!!!
My mom tells me that this was at Capitol Reef National Park, and I was actually 4 years old.

10 thoughts on “Caves and Red Dust Redux

  1. I have a pretty similar pick of me and my mom and some cousins at Joshua Tree National Park in CA. I think I was actually around 4 at the time as well!

  2. angel: joshua trees! we used to live in Antelope valley..i kindda miss those strange old “trees”

    franki; not as awesome as you. 😉

    kara; lol…naw, I think you’re only projecting a desire to throw that sand at someone. I’D NEVER do that!

    puss; aw, youre so kind.

  3. Since you were four in 1983, it looks like we’re about the same age. In June of 1983 I was five.

    White sand – I wonder what it meant to you as a child, and how it must have captured your interest, what you must have thought as it sifted through your little fingers.

  4. That’s great to have your very early memory confired by the photo! ANd it’s a wonderful memory. I have a similar thing with some vivid memories of Panama. I always assumed I must have been about 6 because of the clarity of my memories, but I have since found out I was 4.

  5. sophia; I wish I could remmeber what I was thinking! It’s possible I wasn’t thinking anything–I tend to cease thinking when in the midst of those…meditative episodes, I suppose I’ll call it.

    CS; interesting. perhaps the clarity of the images has much to do with our age? Perhaps when we are young, we are more open to the threads of reality we are surrounded by and do not shut them out.

    woozie; thats too bad, but whats in your mind is more real than whats on a piece of paper!

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