I’m feeling bossy.

I just stole this picture from Trixie! I’m doing a lot of stealing, lately. I hope this doesn’t become a habit.

Anyway, as this picture announces, this is DELURKING DAY, so that means all you non-commenters out there have a drop me a line or I’ll send a pervert out to show you his winkie.

Leave me your name and a link and whatever comment you’d like!
Now go look at the cookies I made this weekend (previous post)!


8 thoughts on “I’m feeling bossy.

  1. i saw a homeless man’s winkie this weekend. he was kneeling in a doorway and peeing on the sidewalk in front of me. poor man, he was unlucky in more ways than one.

  2. m@: and youre the most colorful one of them all!

    martha: AHHHH!

    franki; Damn girl, you got issues!

    kara; oh the humanity!

    ian; thank you for delurking. your comments are appreiciated!

    jen; you dont need a pervert as much as Franki does…

    Puss: I dont know–I didnt get that far in the interview process…

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