Some good news and some bad news.

(I totally stole this idea from the fabulously fantabulous Franki-bean.)

Good news:
I managed to get all the dishes and laundry done before 9:30 am sunday morning: a major accomplishment, I assure you.

Bad news: There’s always laundry and dishes to do. More bad news: The cat box still isn’t clean yet.

Good News:
My cookie party for two went off without a hitch! I made double chocolate chunk cookies with pecans, and boy howdy, were they yummers!

Bad News:
We (Brian and I) ate the first batch of 12 while the second batch was in the oven. More bad news: Six warm cookies apeice in less than 10 minutes sends me to potty and Brian to nappies.

Good news:
Chocolate-covered guilt sends us into the woods for first exercize we’ve had since Thanksgiving!
Bad news:
A three mile walk on easy ground couldn’t possibly burn the calories of 6 double chocolate chunk cookies.

Good news:
Saturday night, Brian and I saw MOMIX perform “Lunar Sea” at Torrington’s Warner Theatre.
Bad news:
Superbly athletic bodies in peak physical condition and strength makes me feel fat. More bad news: I ate more chocolate cookies.


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