A Cookie Mandate

I have decided to make cookies this weekend.

Silence, ye hordes of fitness and well-being! I hear not thy pleas of health and skinnyness!

None shall disuade me from my holy mission. Neither bulging gut nor bulging hips will deter me! No howling colon or raging oil duct shall impede my path!

I have decided. I am chocolate zen.


19 thoughts on “A Cookie Mandate

  1. Making cookies and eating cookies are two entirely different enterprises.

    Here’s to both. May the labour of one burn the calories consumed in the other.


  2. make those cookies that Seinfeld’s wife is getting sued over. the ones with spinach hidden inside of them.

    oh god, i just threw up a little in my mouth.

  3. This comment is for everyone:
    Thank you, and I wish you all could have shared in the bounty, for the bounty was bountiful and our tummies sorrowfully finite.

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