Sick Day Distractions

I spent most of today watching tv and blowing my nose. In the last hour I was able to get out of bed and this is what I do: I goof around on quiz sites. The picture on the left is from my perennial favorite, The Political Compass. The horizontial line is the economic spectrum, whereas the vertical line measures the social spectrum.

For some reason I have taken this test every presidential election year since the late 90’s. I’ve always been scored in the libertarian-left box, but the interesting thing is, as I get older, my opinion socially becomes less anarchist and more authoritarian. My economic scores have remained consitent over time. What I like about this chart is that it places me in the same region as Ghandi and Mandela, two people I genuinely admire.

Take a look at THIS chart from the same site:

Check out where Dubya is!No wonder I hate him so much.

I find it particulary interesting that no anarchist-types are major world leaders. What does this say about the character of our politicians and executives? What does it say about the electorate? And the anarchists themselves? Would anarchists even SEEK power?


3 thoughts on “Sick Day Distractions

  1. Well at least your sick day wasn’t wasted… and I’m glad you were placed in the same region as Ghandi!
    Get Well :)))

  2. See, this is why I like you, right there with ya. I scored smack dab between Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Who knew?

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