For the first time in a year, I feel like shit. I’ve come down with some
mildly depressing bug that leaves my nose congested, my head foggy, and
my throat scratchy.

I don’t feel much like blogging right now, naturally. I’ll be back as
soon as I feel well. If this is a cold, that’ll be next week. If its the
flu, it’ll be two weeks. If its ebola, please send me big colorful
tropical flowers for my grave.


13 thoughts on “Bleh.

  1. Sorry to disappoint sweets, but if it were ebola you wouldn’t be typing. But I’d send you tropical flowers, I would, I would if it were…

  2. Drink copius amounts of hard spirits and stay in bed. Blogging optional – as I recall, you’re most amusing when you blog drunk…


  3. Actually people tend to survive bird flu. That is, until the media onslaught rushing to interview the first bird flu victim in America.

  4. If it were ebola you’d be hemorrhaging all over your blog and then quickly expiring. But get some rest, stay warm, and be well soon.

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