I smell an election year!

Before Bhutto’s assassination, I would waver between Obama and Clinton for president. Sometimes I would think Clinton would be a better choice due to her experience and political clout. Then I would think Obama was a better choice because of his ‘untainted’ idealism and apparent intelligence. I never really considered Edwards an option, even though his platform more closely aligns with my own, because he never stood out as “different” enough to drive the change I beleive this country needs. This country needs someone who is as much a visual symbol of change as well as ideological. And what could be more visual than a Woman or a Black Man?

America needs a reversal of trends and ideologies that prevailed for the last 10 years. We need a figurehead that is as completely opposite George W. Bush as we can get. In my mind, GWBush is a born-again, uneducated cowboy-jock. He symbolizes everything I don’t like about this country and its citizens–the religious fanaticism; the devaluation of intelligence, art, and reason; the worship of celebrity and egos; and the rise of aggression, arrogance, and xenophobia.

Obama was my primary choice, seeming to be the one most able to offset those evils, with Clinton a close second. (I would like to see them as running mates.)

After Bhutto’s death, I was struck by the realization that we needed a President who could be a diplomat as well as a figurehead. We need someone who can provide reason and calm in the midst of violent turmoil, someone who is able to encourage talk amongst enemies. And who better to do that than a woman? While there are exceptions to the rule, on the whole, women ARE better social creatures than men–more adept at reading emotions, forming networks and alliances, and easing conflicts. As a diplomat, Hillary Clinton seems to be a far better choice than Barack Obama. Not only because she is a woman, but also because she has actual experience, as First Lady and as Senator, in dealing with foregin dignitaries.

Now, today I see that Obama is ahead of Clinton in the electoral polls, though the race is close yet, and she may still win. I will not be distressed if Obama did secure this nomination. His calm and confident
manner, his easy charisma, and obvious intelligence probably does offset his lack of experience. I believe he is capable of learning quickly the knowledge he needs to get the experience he requires.

I suppose I still don’t know which I prefer to see become the Democratic
nominee! I just hope that whomever wins will be better comparatively to the republican canidates.

Huckabee or Romney…oy! Either one of them would be more of the same, following the trends started by Bush and Regan. Especially Huckabee–an evangelical christian with poor knowledge of foregin affairs and a domestic agenda I find utterly reprehensible (he’s a neocon…’nuff said).

So I wonder, strategically, which democratic canidate is a better contender against the republican canidates?

*Obama vs. Huckabee
*Obama vs. Romney

*Clinton vs. Huckabee
*Clinton vs. Romney

I can’t decide, but I don’t have much faith in the American voters, given the events of the two previous presidential elections. The trends that I have mentioned scare me, and I fear it might continue on to this election. If I am right about that, then Huckabee will win the presidency, regardless of who the democratic contender is, and these trends foretell the death of liberalism in America. This election could very well be the dying gasp of progressivism in America.

Ack, my dramatic fatalism begins to nauseate me.

Suffice to say that I will be on pins and needles until Novemeber, I can feel it….


13 thoughts on “I smell an election year!

  1. Oy, we wrote about the same shit. Wanna meet me in Barcelona?

    I like Obama, and not just cuz he’s handsome. Hilary oozes well-oiled-snake charmer. I wish she didn’t.

  2. I despise Hillary Clinton. Like Franki said, she oozes well-oiled snake charmer. Her happy, positive personality on the trail is a facade, what she wants to do is unleash that Clintonian tongue and just tear into Obama. She’s a lot like Mitt Romney in that respect.

    Not to mention she has been, and still is, a corporate whore. I don’t know the current numbers, but early on in her candidacy she accepted $400,000 from lobbyists-more than any of the candidates, republican and democrat-and has continued to accept more, citing that “lobbyists represent real Americans.”

    After losing the Iowa Caucus, she tole her supporters that she “knew it would be tough, and I was never a front-runner of any significance in Iowa,” which is another lie. She was the front-runner for months until Obama and Edwards caught up to her in late November.

    And as you know, being a Clinton, she is quite possibly the most divisive candidate of any party. Republicans hate her, and would come down on her like the fist of an angry god if they had the chance. How is someone so hated by half of the country going to unite it, not only in popular opinion but in Congress. Partisan bickering is the #1 reason for Congress’s 20% approval ratings.

    Okay, sos he was first lady for 8 years and a senator for 6. But what specifically has she gotten done as a diplomat? It doesn’t matter that she’s gone all over the world taking to people if she failed at it (emphasis on the “if”, I don’t know her diplomatic record).

    Want to know how Obama won in Iowa? Not only did he reach out to the youth vote (we never show up to vote, by the way) but he extended a hand to independents and even dissatisfied republicans. What’s more uniting, more diplomatic, than getting republicans to vote for a democrat?

    He’s extraordinarily charismatic, you won’t find anyone disputing that. Charisma goes a long way towards making people like you. And people liking you goes a long way towards being able to forge alliances and partnerships.

    TL;DR a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean more corruption, more partisanship, and ultimately more of the same. She’s one of “the smartest guys in the room” that’s been in charge, and failing at it, for too long.

  3. I have little faith in the voters, but even less faith in the Republic-owned voting machines. God, the thought of either Ronmney or Huckabee as president…

  4. I know what you mean. I was in shock and awe, so to speak, when Dubya won a second term. (If he did. It’s sad to say, but frankly I no longer completely trust the vote count.)

    So while the idea that America would elect a second “Christian president” on the heels of the titanic incompetence of this administration seems totally absurd, I have to say it seems possible to me too. Dubya had already demonstrated his bungling of Iraq prior to his second election or selection.

    It’s funny, I read my words and what would have sounded cynical to me even a decade ago has unfortunately become pure realism.

  5. after watching both debates, I have to say, only my choice is becoming clearer. I have to laugh at Bill Richardson. He was talking about what he would do with the soviet union. He hehe. There is no Soviet Union.

  6. after watching both debates, I have to say, only my choice is becoming clearer. I have to laugh at Bill Richardson. He was talking about what he would do with the soviet union. He hehe. There is no Soviet Union.

  7. Nice to not be American. Of course, seeing as we live right next door, your decision will affect us….

    At this point I don’t much care which democrat gets in; just make it the one who’ll get Dubbya’s cronies OUT.

  8. I can’t decide between Clinton and Obama. But I think Clinton, at times, comes off as too prickly and too cold/polished if that makes sense. I just don’t see a Republican having a prayer of beating either of them though. Personally, I forget Edwards even exists.

    PS – This post is very, very well written.

  9. I would propose it turn out to be Obama and Romney—with a person named after a baseball glove being the loser. Although Edwards would be my choice! I can’t stand Clinton’s thinking that “aaahh” is a word and listening to her speeches for the next four years is a deal breaker by itself.
    Couldn’t agree more with your logic about replacing the bumbling-moron-oilman. I have just been holding my breath at the death and useless destruction brought on by the last 7 years, hoping that it will soon end, but I think the damage is done! And all for the oil barons and suv drivers’ to keep up the supply of a limited resource. nuf said.

    Nice blog. Hope that your cold didn’t develop and you are back to normal breathing patterns.

  10. I think either democrat would face a serious battle against a Huckabee, who has crossover appeal to independents and democrats as a populist conservative.

    I mean, he’s a bit different. I like Mike.

    I’ve voted only for democrats and socialists but… I think I’d vote for him.

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