New Years Clean-Up Now Commencing

The most observant among you may notice that I have a new link in my sidebar. My studio blog has now been replaced with a link to my new gallery site at deviantART. In addtion I am now merging old studio posts into this blog. over the next few days, you might find new post additions in my archives, all from my old studio.

I do not know what effect all these new changes may have had on your reader or blogline feeds. I hope none! But if your feeds did go amok, I sincerely apologize. All this should be done within the next few days, and the end result should be a cleaner, more cohesive, and navigable network of pages.

I thank you for your patience, and your continued patronage.

Happy New Year!

(Afterword: its done, actually! Went faster than I expected, since I only had 27 posts in that site. 90% of those posts are now merged into this blog, by order of original post date. In a few days, I will permanently delete the old studio blog.)


8 thoughts on “New Years Clean-Up Now Commencing

  1. Rachel,

    Wishing you a healthy, exciting and vibrant 2008!

    I don’t do feeds so I can’t comment on them, but I will say your blog looks nice. I like that you shortened your margins!

  2. I use FeedBlitz and there was no noticeable effect on it.

    Happy New Year!

    (The word verification for me is “pigkoudh” which I am pretty sure is some sort of Arabic curse.)

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