First Sentence Meme

I stole this meme from my wickedly cool sister. The idea is to post the first sentence from the first post of each month. And since its almost New Year’s Eve, the season for retrospection, it seemed fitting! Enjoy, and please do feel free to use it too.

Brian has been reading a book–“The Children of Room D4”, I think–which discusses the life and schooling of Hartford’s inner-city poor children.

I hate chain mail.

Bush commutes Libby’s sentence.

I haven’t posted of late (excepting at “Daily Constitutional“).

Totally awesome Trixie tagged me with the Four Things meme.

Mondays suck.

I find myself without a thing to say, staring at that picture of Dexter, wishing I still had that mad scientist costume I made in his honor.

My last post and the subsequent comments got me thinking about sexiness, to wit: what is sexy anyway?
Kara says I’m supposed to sum up this thing with some profound conclusion. What bother.

I think its obvious that there’s nothing profound; it seems I don’t do much thinking around the first of the month. So I wind up doing a lot of memes.


16 thoughts on “First Sentence Meme

  1. Nice. But I think you’re missing a paragraph at the bottom about what all of that says about you and your life in the past year.

    I’ll wait.

  2. I’d do it, but only one of my sentences (February) was remarkable:

    It’s rather old news that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, the almost-legal teenager that controls the ejaculatory functions of millions of girls and some guys, is starring in a London production of Equus, a tale of a boy who falls in love…with a horse.

    It seems that my posts (all 3 of them) about a naked Daniel Radcliffe went over pretty well o_0

  3. I like this meme and also the idea of stringing them into a paragraph. I will do it in the next couple of days (before the end of the year, anyway.)

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