Under construction

As you can tell, I’m reorganizing my pages here. I’ve categorized all my links and changed my template. Eventually, I will be merging my Studio Blog into this one, reformatting that one into a little MiniGallery. The reason for all this is that I now feel it is counterproductive of me to separate my art from my writing and my reading. They all feed into each other, really, and in keeping them separate, I create an atmosphere of “one or the other, never any and all at once”. Creativity doesn’t work like that. All acts of creation are the same, they just manifest themselves differently according to one’s mediums and techniques. Keeping it all together will help remind me of that, and open up some freedom to do whatever it is I want to do.

My vision for this blog is to make it an online “Visual Sketchbook/Journal.” I might end up changing my blog Title, but for now, it stays the same.

So, over the course of the coming weeks, you’ll see some more changes. I’ll be adding more links and images. It will be slow going, but it will happen!


16 thoughts on “Under construction

  1. martha: I hope it all works out the way I want it to!

    kara: anorexia IS a sin. mental anorexia is probably the worst sin of all. as to your questions:
    A “bloggy blog” is the usual journal-type blog that most people do. A “whimsical blog” is the weird, funny, offbeat blogs that greatly amuse me. And the “???? blogs” are the ones I cant categorize yet. Too weird to be whimsical, not exactly bloggy, and jump from topic to topic.

  2. I think I have mental diarrhea right now. Nothin but crap inside there. I’m hoping something good will come out of it soon.

  3. I think I have mental diarrhea right now. Nothin but crap inside there. I’m hoping something good will come out of it soon.

  4. Well, good – the other big benefit to that is those of us who don’t have time to check multiple blogs for one person when get to see the art, too. One-stop shopping.

  5. So yesterday I was introspective but today I’m bloggy?

    Can I be glamorous tomorrow, please? Or maybe sexy?

    And I love how Matt is ????

    Actually, you should put him under penguins.


  6. pool: mental diarrhea…ack.

    franki; yer dern tootin’!

    cs: good point, I never thought of that.

    puss; yeah, Im not so sure about “bloggy” either. Im still working on that. 😦

    marhta; I dont think anyone knows what kind you are! lol

    sieg; why, thank you.

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