Dawn gave me this nifty award. I just love squirrels!

I used to hate nuts. I was a picky eater as a child. There was a time when I would eat nothing but fried eggs and Miracle Whip on Wonderbread. Then, at some point I do not remember, I started adding things to my diet, oh so slowly. Chicken nuggets, and oranges, and so on. How did my poor mother cope?

Among the foods I hated for the longest time were:

I’ve only recently started appreciating these foods. I decided I liked fish after years of trying to like it. Mushrooms are still a bit iffy to me: I will not eat mushroom bisque, for example. I do like it on Pizza and Beef Stroganoff. But I still absolutely DETEST shellfish. No matter how much I try to like it, the flavor repulses me. Nuts, like onions and mushrooms, need to be accompanied by other foods before I’ll eat them, but otherwise I’m starting to find nuts intrigingly complex. Its strange: I hated foods growing up, and now I am a self-confessed foodie. I LOVE food, and I love trying out new and exotic recipes and eating out at fancy restaurants.

Whats the point of all this, you wonder? There is no point! Its 6:30 in the morning and I’m half asleep and late for work.

ACK! Where is my left shoe?!


9 thoughts on “Nuts!

  1. ha and lol–How did we cope? We spread miracle whip on wonder bread, sliced an orange, fried the eggs and didn’t fret. You were healthy and actually, that diet is reasonably balanced (although boring)–fruit, protein, fat, carbs. It was all very simple because I didn’t have to be creative with menus to feed you at two! As for your dislike of mushroooms and shellfish, it’s in your genes! As far as I am concerned, those two things are not edibles! (and neither is the fish–ick, yuck and double ick!)
    Love you!

  2. Glad to learn that you like squirrels! Here is a little poem which I ripped off from somewhere;

    “Listen to me and I’m sure you’ll agree,
    That the bravest man in all history,
    Was neither a soldier or a champion of law,
    But the first to devour an oyster raw!”

  3. My mother says when I was a toddler, I refused to eat anythign but the pineapple/cottage cheese mixed babyfood. Fortunately, my repoertoire has expanded since then.

  4. LGS: I don’t need to be brave. Only the brave could eat raw slimjy oysters. ICK!

    CS: Fortunately indeed! ha.

    Ian: I love the Food Network!

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