Insert a post title here.

Is it possible to post a bulleted points list via a cellphone? Lets find out…

*I’m not cranky today. I’m just in one of those “I hate people” moods. I don’t want any attention today, and I definitely don’t want to pay attention to anyone else. I just want to be left alone. Is it possible to say “Drop of the face of the earth, buddy” politely?

*Friday’s company function was mediocre. The medocrity of the event was made up for with a couple glasses of free wine. I didn’t win anything. That’s okay because none of the prizes involved money or feetwarming devices. I was disappointed in the food. The menu we selected from consisted of a choice of meat platters: seafood, steak, or chicken. I loathe shellfish, and had the steak last year (which was served rare, and I hate mooing flesh) so I requested the chicken, which was to be stuffed with proscuittio and spinach. Instead I got chicken stuffed with asparagus and JUMBO SHRIMP. Blech! How abominable.

*It snowed some more over the weekend. ‘Nuff said about that.

*Brian and I visited the Big Apple on Saturday. Had a hankering for some urban holiday cheer. We walked the length of midtown, then went up to Macy’s Hearald Square. We figured out how we want to decorate our living spaces, someday: dark brown and light turquoise. We were unable to find any open tables at any resturant in midtown, so we ate lunch at Macy’s Grille, in the basement. Then we walked some more, up to Times Square and watched people try to move. It was very insanely crowded, as usual, and foot traffic was stalled. Its amazing how polite people can be to each other once they accept the inevitable and just flow. Too bad no one remembers that when life resumes its normalacy.

*I still have to do my Christmas shopping.

I have a bunch of other stuff to write about: namely the matter of some nuts, the question of metropolitian livabilty, and some nifty memes. I’ll tackle those over the course of this week. so yeah, I actually have a blog this week!


5 thoughts on “Insert a post title here.

  1. Your socialist company should have had a pot luck instead. So you can enjoy real, properly cooked food and at the same time ridicule those who didn’t bring anything and therefore can’t eat?

  2. apparently you CAN post a blog with bullets from a phone.

    i’m impressed.

    sorry you hate people right now 😦 i hate when i get in moods like that. believe it or not… i do on occasion.

  3. jealous you were in new york. totally with you on the mooing flesh. i will put a $40 steak in the microwave if it’s still bleeding, see if i won’t.

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