Winter sucks.

Those of you who read my mini-blog know that I have a beef against Old
Man Winter. I have good reason! We got coated with a foot of snow
yesterday afternoon, and driving home sucked. My car got stuck on a
molehill because the poor fool ahead of me couldn’t get the momentum to
climb it. Its a small hill, but some cars are less capable than others.
Once I was able to reverse back to the foot of the hill, I was able to
get home. But I was stuck there for 20 minutes, trying to figure out
how to do it safely.

This morning I had to dig out and my feet got wet. I hate cold feet. It
ruins my mood. It makes me disgruntled. And I can’t even write a
proper post.

Jazz is very eloquent in her condemnation of winter: if you haven’t
already read it, you should! You can read it at

On a happier note, my company is having a Christmas Luncheon in a few
hours. Free food, wine, and dessert, and maybe I’ll even win a raffle
prize! I hope I win money…but a pair of sheepskin slippers would be


12 thoughts on “Winter sucks.

  1. I hope you won the slippers AND the money, and got home safely, too.

    Winter is pretty in theory, but not worth the struggle.

    I love your new picture, Rachel!

  2. Puss: my toes still aren’t warm! 😦

    Martha, Pool, Dawn: the party was mediocre. 😦

    Kara: you’re a barbarian.

    Hearts: I got home safely. Thanks for the compliment on my pic…I kinda think its cheesy, but at least its new.

    Jazz: 30 cm? That puts our 1 inch and some sleet into perspective…

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