Holiday cheer at work

Janet (scoffing): “The lady on the radio just said that the holidays
are all about being nice to each other and giving joy.”

Me: “Pbfft! Bah, fuck that.”

Janet: “Yeah! Poppycock! That’s bullshit.”

Jeannie: “Absolutely.” *nods and presses the ‘bullshit button’*

Bullshit button (in voice of robotic doom): “THAT….WAS…BULLSHIT!”


12 thoughts on “Holiday cheer at work

  1. martha: it’s all the holiday music…we can’t help it.

    woozie: that’s right, get it out of your system, dearie.

    dawn; a note? try a whole musical score! šŸ˜‰

    jen: don’t forget to breathe!

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