100th post!

Is this a milestone? What does this mean, to have 100 posts? I’m not so sure its a big deal…


I’ve recently been awarded this award:


This is what the ever-fabu Puss said:

Rachel would have you believe she’s all demure and rational, but I can smell a sensualist a mile off; this girl’s rude.

First off: I only wish I had an ass as fantastic as that in the picture.

Secondly: I will neither confirm nor deny the “sensualist” accusation, but I am curious–whatever gives it away? Even dear Pool chimes in:

…good call on Rachel – total sensualist. Although, I probably wouldn’t
recognize one even if one bit me on the rump.

Where does all this talk come from? I don’t see it. I don’t even know what “sexy” is!

I definitely do not feel sexy today. The aftereffects of Thanksgiving has hit me hard, and right at the time when I begin my monthly PMS. I feel utterly wretched and bloated and my gassiness is quite unbearable.

I am going to take a bath.

Oh I almost forgot: I nominate the following as pure sexy:

Franki, of course.

Kara, strangely enough.

and Dawn, because smart kind women simply are.


14 thoughts on “100th post!

  1. hahaha… i second what red said 😉

    but i have to agree with your award. your confident and well-spoken. that = sexy

  2. Pool: ha, um thanks!

    Martha: sometimes I think I’m only confiedent and well-spoken when I write. I am very quiet and I stutter sometimes when I speak. And there’s so much I am NOT confiedent about.

    Dawn: how can I not think of you, you sexy thing, you?

    Sigfried: that was a bit too obscure for me!

    Jen: lol…I never denied I am a sensualist! I distinctly recall asserting that I am a few times too. The reason why I did not confirm that in this post is because I did not see the connection between sensuality and sexiness. After our talk this weekend, I can now see that link, but I still assert that sensuality and sexuality are two different things.

    Franki: you know you are, and its about time too. 🙂

    Kara: Oh, dear! I’m sorry I offended you. 😦 that “strangely enough” comment has more to do with my inabilty to pin down exactly what it was that makes me think of you as sexy–cuz unlike Puss or Franki, you’ve never really talked about sex and sexuality, or the whole single-girl on the town schmiel, or your relationship with Kansas. I found Dawn sexy because she is smart and kind and wise, but you’re sexy for a different reason that I couldn’t pin down. Then yesterday, thinking about it, I relized that you’re sexy for the same reason I find Franki sexy–for even though you don’t talk about sex, you both write with tremendous wit and humor: a little sarcasm, a lot of cleverness, and some delf-depreication thrown in. I have always found a great sense of humor to be the sexiest quality in any gender, and there’s nothing sexual about it, but its definitely sexy.

    Puss: you have a point! PMS makes me argumentative, I’m afraid, but I can now see that one doesn’t have to be sexual to be sexy, and that sensualism can be sexy, even though it may not be sexual.

    Jazz: which is exactly way I felt so not-sexy and argumentative! And 500?! Oh no!

  3. you’re hilarious. i wasn’t offended at all. there was supposed to be laughter all over that comment…i guess i just couldn’t write it in.

  4. kara: I’m releived! Honestly I had thought that you were teasing, as is your wont, but I really couldn’t tell, so thought to err on the side of caution. Such subtle nuances ARE hard to convey in text.

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