100th post!

Is this a milestone? What does this mean, to have 100 posts? I’m not so sure its a big deal…


I’ve recently been awarded this award:


This is what the ever-fabu Puss said:

Rachel would have you believe she’s all demure and rational, but I can smell a sensualist a mile off; this girl’s rude.

First off: I only wish I had an ass as fantastic as that in the picture.

Secondly: I will neither confirm nor deny the “sensualist” accusation, but I am curious–whatever gives it away? Even dear Pool chimes in:

…good call on Rachel – total sensualist. Although, I probably wouldn’t
recognize one even if one bit me on the rump.

Where does all this talk come from? I don’t see it. I don’t even know what “sexy” is!

I definitely do not feel sexy today. The aftereffects of Thanksgiving has hit me hard, and right at the time when I begin my monthly PMS. I feel utterly wretched and bloated and my gassiness is quite unbearable.

I am going to take a bath.

Oh I almost forgot: I nominate the following as pure sexy:

Franki, of course.

Kara, strangely enough.

and Dawn, because smart kind women simply are.


4 thoughts on “100th post!

  1. Me? MOI? you sure about that???
    LOL… thank you so much for thinking about me… I will post it next week :)))

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