Linkage time.

I’ve decided to shift my attentions away from the visual arts to focus
more on design and writing–the two things I now realize I enjoy doing
most. I will always enjoy drawing and painting and printing, but the
PROCESS is not as enjoyable, and neither are the fruits of that labor
nearly as rewarding. But with design and writing, I do enjoy the
process as well as seeing the final product–and doesnlt make more sense
to focus all my creative energies on that which I find rewarding?

Last night, I pulled out all my story notes and rough drafts and
partials. There’s so much clutter! I feel like I need to clean it up,
refresh my memory, and drag that “storytelling” side of my brain out of
its coma. So, I have a feeling I might be a bit scarce, blog-wise, but
who knows? I might be able to pull it off…hell, if half the
blogosphere can do it, then so can I.

With that said, here’s a link for your amusement.

For a through and “snarky” criticism of the Creation Museum, read this:

5 thoughts on “Linkage time.

  1. Scarce? No!!! I just got here and you make yourself scarce?

    Is there some link I’m not seeing here? OK, I’ll go away then…

  2. Puss, martha, and CS: thanks to you all for the luck…after going through my paperwork, I think I need every bit of it!

    Jazz; come back! Lol.
    I’m not so scarce, after all it seems…
    The link is on the bottom of my post. You must have missed it.

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