Ignore this pink elephant.

I don’t know how to start this post. Should I simply announce that the
first of my previously-stated goals has been accomplished, and
subsequently shower in those hoorays, welcome backs, and tearful
we-missed-yous I will undoubtedly receive? Or should I simply jump back
into my regulary scheduled blogging as if I made no departure at all?
Would that be the proverbial pink elephant that everyone must ignore?

Obviously a rhetorical question, since I am writing this post this
way–and self-revealing, since I apparently chose the first option over
the second. I suppose that means I should now sit back and bathe in the
glorious ego-stoking accolades sure to come.

HOWEVER, a thought has just occured to me! Perhaps now, since I have
expressed my egocentric expectations, and undoubtedly offended my dear
readers, I have erased all possibility of ever receiving such acclaim!

The question now becomes should I erase all that I have written, and
proceed to my regulary scheduled blogging, as I should have done in the
first place? Wherefore, thou curséd pink elephant! A veritable parade of
“technicolor psychaderms”! All this thinking is really too much for

I used to like Dumbo. Whatever happened to Disney anyway? The cheesey
but endearing animated movies have given way to cheesy but annoying
live-action movies, like High School Musical. Not that I’ve actually
even SEEN High School Musical, but I’ve seen trailers and I’ve seen the
merchandising. I’ve seen enough.

I haven’t seen enough of Fall though. If I could have my way, fall
would just give way to spring, not winter. Winter sucks. Seriously.
It sucks. I should know. We went up to New Hamphire yesterday, all
the way into the White Mountians., to ride the last dinner train of the
season. We got there early enough to see the local tourists spots: the
Basin, the former Old Man of the Mountian, silly little Boise Rock. It
was beautiful, even past peak, but it was flippin’ cold! And in the
bottom of the valley beneath the scars of the Old Man’s collaspe, a
light flurry of icy snow pellets began to fall upon my head. Snow makes
my heart shrivel up and die. The five course meal on the wonderful
train was a welcome respite!

Oh the food was fantabulous! A wonderful culinary experience! Wine,
bread, appetizers, salad, sorbet, chicken and beef, and creamy chocolate
mousse! It was a delightful evening.

No pink elephants tromping around, there. Would the same could be said
of my mind…Anybody got a peanut?


10 thoughts on “Ignore this pink elephant.

  1. This post made me dizzy. Alls I know is that the last line instilled within me a hankering for Princess Bride. Which is crappy, because I don’t own it.

  2. Dear Pink Elephant,

    I have missed you! I am glad you are back. I am tearfully glad you are back. Oh, yeah, also hooray!!!

    Okay, are we good?

    So really, where the hell have you been?

    I spent a lot of my childhood in the White Mountains after visiting my brother at Dartmouth, and remember Old Man of the Mountain who is no more.

    The dinner train, though, now that would be spectacular, like the Orient Express. I’m glad you got to do it.

    Oh, and I’m really, really glad you’re back. And your little ego, too.

  3. welcome home! the land of blog was a quiet place without your beautiful voice.

    and i LOVE the word fantabulous! 🙂

  4. Yeah! Clap clap clap. Woo hoo!

    The begining of the winter season, snow falling, light nights from fresh snow, playing in it at 10 pm warms me right up. BUT come February, enough.

  5. Yeah! Clap clap clap. Woo hoo!

    The begining of the winter season, snow falling, light nights from fresh snow, playing in it at 10 pm warms me right up. BUT come February, enough.

  6. Kara: I was hoping someone would get the Princess Bride reference. I LOVE that movie. You ought to come visit me, we can watch it together.

    Hearts: thank you for feeding my ego. lol. I was doing some artwork that I’ve neglected. I managed to do some, at least. Now I’m back to neglecting it.

    Martha: i forget where I got that word, fantabulous. I wish I could say I made it up, but I didn’t. Its a great word.

    Pool: Snow isnt that bad I suppose, I just HATE HATE HATE the cold that comes with it.And unfortunately, I associate snow with cold, so therefore hate snow too.

  7. Rachel–For a different and rather interesting perspective on winter, the cold and the light, I refer you to an essay by the poet Donald Hall simply titled, Winter. The first sentence should grab your attention and a few hundred words later. . well, I found lots to reflect upon in this short piece. If you can’t find a copy and you want to read it, let me know, I shall send one to you! Love You! Mom

    PS–I am in process of trying to set up my blog but I am totally stuck. Can you believe that I can not write one true complete sentance? I can’t even find a clever title for the thing. I was toying with “statistical thermodynamics’ But I can’t seem to make the play on words work. Humm. Mom is accepting ideas . . .

  8. Bob: the train was FANTASTIC. I really recommend you trying one out if you ever have the chance.

    Puss: as long as it stays there, I’ll be fine.

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