Some sketchwork.

So, I’ve been doing some sketching this past week, as I promised myself I would do. I didn’t do as much as I wanted to, but I did manage to do something, which counts for more than you probably realize. I did a 5 x7 pen and ink sketch of lichen growing on a tree trunk. I’m thinking of converting this image into a relief print using a 2-block color reduction process. That entails a tremendous investment in time and effort, though, so I am reconsidering. But the image deserves color, so I think I should do it.

The next two images (links below) are just some quick 18X24 sketches done in oil pastel on heavy-weight drawing paper. Neither is done–they are still works-in-progress. I have no idea where I am going with these, but I like the potential in them. I am afraid of ruining them by working further, though, due to lack of vision or direction. This is a major problem I have. I tend to start a project with only a vague idea or inclination–no real idea or vision. Over the years of doing artwork, I have learned that as I work, I develop ideas from what markings I leave behind, and at some point I can see that an image is coming forth. That potential is so exciting and momentous, it becomes both a goal and an obstacle. I have a huge difficulty letting go of that ideal, that promise, to just continue on and let the mating of my mind and my hands proceed unabated. Often I then put the newborn image away, to lie fallow until I am ready face it again.

That was the situation with the nude female. I started it 4 months ago, and only recently filled in the ground and the hair and face…I am hesitant to add more to the face: I am not yet ready to give her that life. As for the male torso: I am loving the colors and the lines, but I am uncertain what to do from here. It feels incomplete, unpolished, as if something were missing, but I am afraid that working on it more would ruin the excitment and agressive joy in the inherent lines of the compostion….

Perhaps–no, I know I think too much!


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