A rant, an award, and a farewell, oh my!

A few things on the agenda today:
First: a letter.

Dear old man driving the black pickup truck;

What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you slow down to a near crawl at an all-clear intersection with the lights green? The left turn arrow was green! Did you even make a left turn? No! You just slowed down to a fucking 5mph in a 35 mph zone. I was forced to pass you on the right, because I thought you actually were going to stop in the middle of the fucking intersection! But you proved me wrong, did you? You followed me through the intersection, continued your abysmal snail’s pace, then finally made a right turn at the gas station about 250 yards PAST the intersection….! Again, I ask, what the HELL is wrong with you?

Bewildered in Oxford.

Secondly, the matter of an award.
Puss of The Pole Affair gave me my third award: “Totally Fabulous!” Here’s what she said about me–it embarrasses me to even repeat it, but here it is:

“She is extraordinary, smart, thoughtful, and writes bloody well (when she’s not squiffy).”

First, I have no clue what “squiffy” means, but I assume it has something to do with that wretched drunkblog I posted a week or so ago (no, I won’t hyperlink it here as it is far too wretched to even bear mentioning. If you absolutely must see it, you’ll have to find it yourself. ) Now, then, I don’t know how true all those glowing words could be–especially since those words apply so much more accurately to Puss herself! Nonetheless, I am extremely flattered she thought of me, and in that spirit, I am pleased to pass on the Totally Fabulous crown to these totally fabulous bloggers I’ve come to love.

  • Kara of Condi’s Hair: she always manages to see the humor in everything and makes no qualms about showing her amusement, even if it is at my expense. She is also a fabulous writer, with some of the most creative blogging posts I’ve seen, and thus deserving of the title “Totally Fabulous!”.
  • Trixie of 32 Flavors: A geek at heart, she too has the soul of a clown, and never fails to make me laugh with her special insight into her strange world of success and excitement. She is a creative soul and has entirely too much success than is proper, but she is such a warm and fabulous person, she deserves every bit of it.
  • Finally, TheThinker of Theory of Thought; I am more of a lurker than a commenter on this blog, but Thinker is a brilliant girl-woman and a brilliant writer, full of creativity and ambition and the dreams to match. She’s a hard worker, and probably pushes herself far too hard. She is young but her writing and her spirit shows unequivocally that, wherever she chooses to go in her life, she will succeed in her characteristically fabulous way.

And the last item on today’s agenda: I must take a short break from this blog. I’ve been neglecting the visual side of my creativity, and I must now refocus some energies on my drawing and painting projects. I will be back as soon as:

  • I’ve posted 3 new images at My Studio;
  • When I’ve got something I really want to share here;
  • Or Monday, 5 November;

whichever comes first!

I’ll miss you all, but I will continue to visit and comment on all your blogs, and will no doubt add more fabulous bloggers to my ever-expanding blogroll! Also, I will continue to post on a semi-daily basis at Daily Constitutional, so feel free to pop on over there and leave me a line or two!

You guys rock!


4 thoughts on “A rant, an award, and a farewell, oh my!

  1. Hi Rachel:

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    Have a great week!
    Judd Corizan
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