You like me! You really, really like me!

Dawn of Twisted Sister granted me two awards today. These are my first-ever awards, and I’m thrilled! It is gratifying to know that my bloggy efforts are actually appreciated.

The first award is the “Best Kept Secret Award” celebrating good blogs that are not well known. I’m extremely flattered to be considered “good”–I often struggle with finding things to write about (especially of late), and was content with just practicing and getting better, and read other people’s blogs and learning from them.
I’d like to pass this on to the three bloggers who’ve made my journey into the Blogsphere meaningful.

  1. Jen of Knitting Interrupted. As my sister, she started this whole blogging thing rolling for me, and encourages me to keep going with her own posts of wit and passion for her family, her life, and her knitting.
  2. Martha of Notions on Being. Martha is such an open, engaging writer, and is completely unababshed about sharing her deepest fears and worries and other such “negative” emotions. Such openness is what I aspire my blogging to become.
  3. Pool of My Reflecting Pool: One of my first regular visitors; She, too, has the wit and creative insight I strive for.

And the second award is the “Community Blogger Award–The Community Blog Award –celebrating people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one.”

The Blogosphere wouldn’t even exist without all of those Bloggers and Visitors who daily visit everyone’s blogs, leaving comments and encouragements, and even criticisms–without all of that, we’d none of us have any reason or motivation to blog, at all!

For that reason, I give this award to the people who daily encourage me to keep going:

  1. Kara
  2. Bob
  3. Jen
  4. Pool
  5. Martha
  6. Puss
  7. CS
  8. Hearts
  9. Angel

I also proffer this award to all the lurkers who visit, for my statcounter knows you exist, even if I don’t.


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