From my personal notebook:

As you may know, I’ve joined my gym’s “Biggest Loser” contest. It started the first week of October, and will end the Novemeber 21st. The grand prize is 2 personal training sessions and some massage bucks.

I honestly do not expect to win. I did not enter this competition in order to win. I entered it only as a motivating force to encourage myself to put more effort into losing weight.

So far its worked, insomuch as I have been going to the gym on a frequent, regular basis. Last weeks weigh-in showed no progress, though. But it was the first week, and I started my period at the same some so I don’t consider it to be a big deal.

Since I’ve started, I spent the weekend writing up some goals for myself. Here’s what I’ve come up with. They are all pretty simple and easy to accomplish, I think, but when I put them all together–well, its a pretty daunting lifestyle change!

Goal: Lose 40 pounds and keep it off
Current stats: 166 pounds, 38% body fat.


  • Drink water to address the hunger illusion.
  • Chew gum to address the oral fixation.
  • Sleep more and sleep better: STOP STRESSING

Weight management 2: EAT BETTER!

  • Avoid high calorie/ high fat meals, esp. After 5:00pm.
  • Be aware of how many calories and fat grams I am consuming.
  • Eat most of my food in the first half of the day.
  • Eat comfortable-sized breakfasts: fruit, yogurt, egg, cereal, toast, or bagel.
  • Eliminate sodas and cut chocolate comspumption to one item a day, as needed.
  • All meals after 5pm should consist of relatively low calorie meals such as: salads, rice, veggies and fruit, lean meats, and broth-based soups.
  • Strive to become comfortable with feeling ‘peckish’.

Weight management 3: MOVE MORE!

  • Trainer recommendation: Interval-training cardio and whole body resistance training with wieghts, 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Walk faster.
  • Take stairs instead of elevators.
  • Grow balls and play outside, even if its cold.
  • Eating less and sleeping more will give me more energy to move and exercise. Go to bed on time, don’t snack, and stop stressing about things so late at night!

So there we have it! I hope this isn’t too much for me to handle. And hopefully I can avoid my chocolate addiction and stick to it for the next 6 weeks.

I’ll be keeping y’all posted.


9 thoughts on “From my personal notebook:

  1. just go ahead and make me feel like a big fat loser for gaining (part of) my weight back!

    I think it is terrific, it’s quite a list. I’m sure the ball-growing will be a sight to behold. by Brian.

  2. good luck! i need to create one of these lists, myself. you have no idea how much weight i need to lose. ick.

    anyway… i look forward to reading of your progress 🙂 we’re all rooting for you!!

  3. Dawn: It’s a pleasure to make you laugh! Its true though, but I DETEST being cold.

    Bob: Hey, half the weight I need to lose is re-gain, so don’t feel bad!

    Martha: You can use this list, if you want! and thanks, for the support, I need that boost too.

    Jen; You have my email, so feel free to discuss. Youre more than welcome to use this list.

    In fact everyone who wants to use it, can: I won’t claim intellectual property on this thing.

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