Good Vibes

CS of Another Tangential Thinker tossed me the ‘5 Things
That Give Me Good Vibes’ meme. I’m taking the literal approach to this
one, for kicks. Later, I’ll do this meme over, taking the intended
metaphorical approach, but for now, I don’t really want to think too
hard, so here’s my first “5 good vibes”

5. Sex Toys….
Obviously. ‘Nuff said.

4. Massage Chairs….
You can find these chairs in malls across America. With a diet of
quarters, these black mechanized contraptions switch on a series of
vibrating knobs that spin, jump, and swirl all over one’s back and
buttocks. After a stressful day, or even a good day, sitting in one of
these chairs for 5 minutes leaves one feeling delightfully pummelled and
buzzed into submission.

3. The Car…
Every morning, I turn the key in the ignition of my piddly Saturn Ion,
and the engine turns over. The gentle rumble and low humming purr
coursing deep in the bones of my feet and hands is a comfort. My old
car, at the end of its life, would frequently stall, or fail to turn
over, or rumble and shake in cold weather. When my current car awakens
everyday with ease and zen-like calm, its a comfort to know that today I
can depend on this thing to get me where I must go.

2. A harmonica…
When I was younger I would occaisionally walk around the house blowing
randomly into a cheap tin harmonica. I loved to feel the different
vibrations it would make against my lips. The high pitched notes made a
sharper, shorter type of vibration, whereas the lower pitched notes
lingered gently on my flesh. I loved the numbness I sometimes felt
after blowing in the metal for a few minutes. I must surely have
annoyed my family with my tuneless playing.

1. My cats…
My cats love attention and affection. Everytime I feel the purr of
contentment against my arms when I hold them, or against my chest when
we sleep curled up together, I feel wonderful knowing that just being
near is enough to make these simple creatures content.

Now, I toss this meme to whomever wants to take it. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Good Vibes

  1. we have a cat that must be part vicuña. it has the. softest. fur. on the planet. petting her is like physical therapy.

    and the vibrating/purring is icing on the cake.

    and my y chromosome rears it’s head at the sound & feel of a HUGE engine. the bestest – a WWII fighter plane flying over your head at 50 feet (airshow) is simply awesome.

  2. Puss; I try, but being novel and sensible is not easy. Thanks for the pat!

    Martha; I can’t understand how some people could HATE cats when the purring is so soothing and comforting and so LOVING.

    Pool; Thanks! Your approval gives me good vibes.

    bob; Honestly, while I understand the joy in the vibrations of an engine, I am somewhat befuddled by the male obession with airplanes. Every man I know just LOVES airplanes. They get offended when I call them ‘chunks of flying metal’.

    Dawn; When the need arises, and no one is around, there are good vibes to be had.

    Hearts; Um. Take WHAT outside? There are some things better left indoors. Oh, the harmonica?! Oh well, I could, but I don’t have it anymore. It got ‘lost’.

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