Newsday Tuesday #4: Schooldays Edition

Iranian President Challenges Western Thinking at Columbia U.

Girl Dies of Bacterial Meningitis

Lack of Water Jeopardizes Children’s Education in Malawi, Africa.

Little Rock 9: 50th Anniversary today.

Some Universities now offering new degrees: such as Computer Gaming,
Casino studies, and Green MBA.


7 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday #4: Schooldays Edition

  1. my daughter’s university requires the bacterial meningitis vaccine for all students living in the dorms.

    ahmadinajad (sp?) did his usual dance around direct answers to questions and managed to score a point or two anyway. people should pay attention, Iran is positioning itself to fill the power vacuum left when Saddam fell.

  2. How nice that there are no gay people in Iran…how nice for them, really. There’s really nothing better than false blanket statements like that to up the tourism trade…right? I mean, I know it’s what I look for in a travel brochure.

  3. The Iranian leader certainly caused a stir and I can say one thing I would not want to be a female living in Tehran. Now that is what you call a second class citizen.

    I wonder however about the translation of his comments on homosexuals.

    “In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals like in your country,”

    He could have been saying that he does not deny there are homosexuals in Iran its that they don’t view them the same way a they are viewed in the USA.


  4. bob: youre right: yet abother tactical blunder on BushCo’s part.

    kara: funny, I always thought it was the anti-western sentiment that kept tourism down, not the homosexuals. Maybe all the homophobes were right! Gays are bad for the country!

    Graf: people were ready to take everything he said negatively, anyway, and he knew it, so I doubt he tried very hard to be perfectly dimplomatic. Can’t say I blame him, really.

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