What’s in my Bag?

I stole this from thethinker! Thanks, Thinker!
Here’s the crap I keep in my bag, starting from the top and going left to right:

  • my pencil/pen case
  • blue writing notebook, where I store all my writing and blog ideas.
  • the manual for my totally awesome birthday present: a FujiFilm FinePix S700 Camera!I really, really love my Brian for buying me such a FANTASTIC camera!
  • my keys
  • my wallet: contains three shopping membership cards, two debit cards, my driver’s license, and sometimes a credit card. Today it also holds my next gynocological appointment reminder card.
  • my drawing/painting/all purpose sketchbook. It is a Moleskin Plain reporter style notepad.
  • the contents of my pencil case: pens and pencils I use for sketching. All differ in nib thickness and ink flow dispersal. My favorite is a Pilot .05mm black gel ink pen. There’s also a compass and a white eraser.
  • my jewelry sketchbook, a smaller version of the above sketchbook, reserved only for jewelry designs and idea notations. If I weren’t worried about copyright thieves, I’d post a few sketches from both books here…
  • on top of the jewelry sketchbook is a pack of hearing aid batteries. Very important item, that.

There you have it, folks. A glimpse into my portable world. Now, its your turn! What’s in YOUR bag?

Postscript 9/20: Ms. Kara demanded I show the bag all this crap is in, so here it is:


10 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?

  1. I have a tiny wallet, pen, checkbook, lip gloss, a couple tissues and eye glass case, cell phone and key on key ring. Sometimes I attach my key to my tiny wallet and I’m off. Sometimes I even leave it all in my car. I hate carrying crap around.

  2. I hate carrying crap around too, yet I have a ridiculous amount of clutter in my purse. I have a makeup bag which holds several lip glosses (which funny enough, I rarely wear) tampons, and face powder. I have a wallet which basically serves the purpose of holding my insurance card. My blackberry, a bottle of water, sunglasses, check book, vertigo medicine, small thing of hairspray and 8,000 pieces paper.

  3. Graffiti: Gimme all your money.

    pool: I also hate carrying crap around, but I can’t bear to leave my sketchbooks behind!

    angel: 8,000 pieces of paper? wow…that’s impressive!

    kara: you think my shit is stylish? Cool!!!

    oh and ok, I’ll post the bag too. I doubt you’ll think it stylish, though.

  4. Kara: I’m so happy!

    Puss: does that mean you have a supersized leather bag with wide straps? and you carry everything portable with you?

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