My to-do’s.

Taking Martha’s cue, ( ) this is my
line-up for the week:

Gynocology appointment at 3:45: pay $45 co-pay!
Buy cat litter and change cat boxes.
Wash and iron Brian’s new dress shirts.
Do some art work, please!

Gym at 5:00am.
Do the artwork that wasn’t done yesterday!

Gym at 5:00am
Beat self over head for having no art work started!

Belated Birthday Lunch with Sister.
Avoid neglected art table assidiously.

Do Chores
Worry over Budget
Promise self to do art during the week.

Excepting the doctor’s appointment and the birthday lunch, this is
pretty much what every week is like. Despite the utter lack of
exciement, I’m glad I’m not overbooked like Ms. Martha Elaine.
Its good to have a routine life, I guess. Sure do wish art was a bigger
part of it.


3 thoughts on “My to-do’s.

  1. i hear that last statement… notice “writing” isn’t anywhere in that crazy list? boooooo 😦

    haha… i like seeing what my blogpals are up to. and that “gym at 5:00am” … shoot, i’d rather be booked every hour of the day then get up at 5am. i’m NOT a morning person… hahaha. oh well.

  2. martha; I’m not a morning person either, But after working 12 hours a day, all I want to do is go home and relax. Not sweat.

    Puss: Easier said than done!

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