Encroachment Series Update

I think I finally finished the third installment of my Encroachment series. Here is the Loris, a small primate native to the jungles of South Asia. Like the other images of this series, this is done entirely in Adobe Photoshop, based off a quick sketch I drew by hand. The Loris is now listed as endangered due to deforestation for agriculture and settlement. It’s a beautiful animal, and I absolutely fell in love with a few on display at the Bronx Zoo. I am hoping that this image (and its sister images) will somehow contribute to the preservation of these animals. I am submitting them to a competition, where selected entries will be used to promote awareness and raise funding for the cause. The other two images of my submission have been posted here before. I have reworked them slightly, to make the images more united in content and composition, and fixing technical issues. Here they are now, in their final stages. I am quite happy with these.

There is just one more thing I have to do before I can submit these images for judging: the artist statement. Oy.


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