Newsday Tuesday #1

I feel as if I have been much too self-involved in recent months, not keeping up with the outside world and generally being ignorant of events. So to correct that, I am starting a weekly blog theme which I shall call “Newsday Tuesday.” For the next month, I will post five links to news articles I found interesting and informative. If it is a sucess, it might become a permanent feature of this blog.

Now the news:

A cure for obesity?

Artist sues Restauranteur over collage work.

Smoking makes you crazy.

Genius kid disdains University as boring.

CT politicians fight over money and inner-city schools pay the price.


7 thoughts on “Newsday Tuesday #1

  1. I thought the article about the 9-year old college freshman was very interesting.

    You have to wonder how kids like that can possibly fit in anywhere, though.

    This is a great idea for a feature on your blog. I hope you’ll continue it.

  2. how interesting! i like this idea… and i like the articles you chose. not the boring typical stuff. thanks for sharing!

  3. hearts: I feel sorry for that kid, actually, for that very reason. I dont get the impression that he is going to grow up a well-rounded adult, which does not speak well for his future.

    puss: and I from you! thanks for the ego-boost.

    Pool, Chani, and Martha: thank you. I’ll keep trying to find atypical, interesting news for everyone! 🙂

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