Labor Day Weekend Thrills

This weekend was moderately exciting. On Saturday, Brian and I went to visit his daughter, Jordan (age 6), for a picnic and bonding session. His parents were also there, so it became a family event. We ate unexciting picnic food. There was a lot of unexciting small talk being exchanged. I really wasn’t in a very social mood, so I wandered down to the river and spent some time looking for fish on the riverbed. I saw a few minnows, which I thought was exciting.

After about 20 minutes enjoying the water flow beneath me, Brian and Jordan joined me. We watched fish and leaves and sticks float. It was quiet and relaxed and very peaceable. Brian and Jordan talked a lot about algae.

“Why are the rocks fuzzy and slimy?” She wonders while paddling in
the water and playing footsies with the rocks.
“Because of the algae covering it.”
“What are al-a-gae?”
“They’re sort of a tiny tiny plant. They live in water. They are related to seaweed.”
“Whats related mean?”
“It means they belong in the same family. Like monkeys are related to apes.”
“Oh….why are al-a-gae slimy?”
Brian paused. “I’m not sure.” He turns to me. “Why do you think algae are slimy?” I’m flattered he asked. I bite my lower lip, as if perhaps my lip held the answer. “Well, I’m not sure, either, but I suspect it has something to do with osmosis.” Brian bobs his head while Jordan looks skeptical. “What’s osmosis?”

We ended the day with a round of mini-golf and ice cream.

Sunday, Brian and I went to the Bronx Zoo, in NYC. I had a great time there. Despite my complicated, mixed feelings about zoos in general (an inner conflict between wild animals in cages vs. conservation and education), I really do enjoy seeing all the animals and the fantastical ecological niches in which they live. My favorite exhibits were Gorilla house, Jungle House, and the Reptile House. Check out this totally awesome snake that posed for me.

Here’s where the weekend gets exciting. We ended up having to stay the night, which was totally not in our agenda. In our defense, we were lied to misled. We wanted to have dinner in Manhattan, so we asked the gatekeeper if we would be able to retrieve the car after closing. She assured us, “Oh, yeah!” and waved us through. At 9 pm we wandered back to the car, and…well Brian tells it better than I. Read the events here. Trust me, its worth reading.

So, are you back? Good.

After a restless night, we escape from the motel and make our way back to the parking lot where we left the car. We were so very greatful to see park employees filing in for their holiday shifts. We grabbed our car and made our way home.

The cats were hungry.


7 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Thrills

  1. Yah, I have a zoo issue too. As for your adventure? Ho-leeee sh*t. Did you scrub up extra good after using anything in that place? Better see the doctor to check for scabbies. Blah. You poor things. I can’t imagine it at all. What an adventure.

  2. That…was a fantastic story. You two should’ve left in the morning with his pants undone and a satisfied smile on his face and you holding some cash in your hands…just for effect.

  3. Puss: yeah I always feel so sad to look in the eyes of these animals, stuck in cages. I always think of how BORED they must be (but I know thats just my human projections).

    Pool: The place was very clean, suprisingly, but nonetheless, as soon as I got home, I took a bath.

    kara; hah! if only we weren’t so creeped out by it all, we just might have.

  4. I love to see animals, but hate that they are in prison. I haven’t been able to go to zoos in years because some of them look so miserable, and it isn’t right.

    It sounds as if you had quite an adventure, though. Glad you’re back, and your little car, too.

  5. hearts, I have that same observation, sometimes. its much more apparent in the higher mammals, espcially the Gorillas!

    cs, this snake IS a beauty in person too.

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