The world is made of layers. There is always something behind what you
see before you. It is those tantalizing shadows of half-glimpsed
reality that make life interesting.

Consider the shadows on the forest floor, between the leafy shrub oak at
our feet and the slender white trunks of the birch grove a few yards
away. What mystery does that greenish grey shadow contain?

Or consider the shadows in the layers of an old woman’s skin. The
wrinkles carry her years, the shadows carry her memories. If you but
look, and let your eyes follow the path of life across her face, can you
hear the whisper of her soul reach out to yours?

In the shadows of reality lies the essence of life itself. We live in
the shadows of others, and others live in the shadows we cast. I have
to wonder, would the life we live and the lives of those around us be
better if we became more aware of those Shadows and the Secrets within?


13 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. This post reminds me of the art class I took a few weeks ago.

    I never thought of shadows as having any sort of color other than black and grey, until my teacher forced me to describe what color each shadow I observed was.

  2. Thinker; try this: seek out the colors that make up the clouds in the sky. Avoid “white” and “grey.” I often see pink, yellow, and pale purple in even the “whitest” clouds at noon.

    Jen;, somehow I knew you’d like it.

  3. i can’t stand looking long enough at an old womnan’s layers of skin to find the shadows and then analyze them. old people are gross. but i’m with you on the methaphorical bit.

  4. Neat way to look at it. Not sure I want to know the secrets within others souls. But, I feel knowing our own secrets and shadows can only be good.

  5. Neat way to look at it. Not sure I want to know the secrets within others souls. But, I feel knowing our own secrets and shadows can only be good.

  6. kara, lol…in a sense, the metaphor is all that matters…

    pool, I’m of the mind that one cannot truly know oneself without also knowing others as well.

  7. God, this is spooky. I’ve spent the weekend wondering much the same thing, but I’ve expressed it far, far less succinctly and beautifully than you have.


  8. this is so beautiful! i love daydreaming about shadows. i think the idea of a shadow is so awesome… not sure why. it seems like such a simple concept in some ways and in others, it’s so mysterious.

    anyway… love this post! (oh, and thanks for the encouragement over at my place 🙂

  9. Puss: Thank you! I admire your writing very much, and for you to say such flatters me tremendously. High praise, indeed!

    Martha; shadows are nifty. glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks so. (And you’re welcome.)

  10. chiaroscuro – the interplay of light & dark to create depth.

    I love the faces of old people, their lives are sculpted on their faces for all to see. In contrast, the skin of youth, while lovely, is a blank canvas waiting for their lives to be painted.

  11. Bob, as an artist, your painting metaphor speaks to me! Well done, too.

    Life is nothing but chiascuro. Leonardo da Vinci was a genius to point that out to us.

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