A meeting with Kelly Lyons

On the 11th of this month, I met with a wonderfully kind and charismatic woman whose name is Kelly Lyons. She is a jeweler and craftswoman who came to me through a friend of my sister. We spent a couple hours talking about art and practice and business, all those things that artists generally worry about on a constant basis.

She gave me wonderful advice on (as I call punningly call it) “breaking into the jewelry industry.” What she told me I sort of already knew. What she gave me was the certainty of knowing that it is the best and simplest way of acheiving what I desire.

What she told me was that I need to contact local jewelers and designers to obtain an apprenticeship, or to pledge time with a studio as an assistant in exchange for occaisonal use of space.

Now, all I really need to do is muster up my courage and strength in order to take that first step.


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