Cable update and health insurance…

Its been a pretty eventful week so far. You all know about the cable
. Here’s the update: the cable tech showed up about 5:30 pm.
Brian had to leave work an hour early just to meet him. After some
tinkering with the wires and whatnot, it was determined that whoever
labelled the wires in the first place had done it incorrectly, and when
they were here the day before for one of our neighbor’s cable issues,
they had “accidentially” disconnected our lines. They were gracious
enough not to charge us for the trouble. As annoyed as I am about the
whole service thing, I am greatful to have my internet back.

In other news, a minor health crisis. On Monday, a coworker came in
furious because her life-sustaining athsma medicine (pills that keep her
bronchial tubes dialated) could not be refilled because her insurance
had been cancelled. Imagine the shock and horror she felt. Apparently
the pills cost $250 bucks a pack, so obviously she couldn’t buy them
herself. She suffered a major athsma attack that weekend as a
consequence of not getting the medicine and was about to have another,
at work. I gave her my inhaler, which eased her wheezes. She brought
the issue to our HR/Ops manager’s attention, who thereupon called up the
insurance representative. We were suprised to discover that the group
policy had been “inadverdently” cancelled as of the first. Our entire
workforce has been uninsured for the last two weeks! Our HR manager was
livid. Luckily, the insurance company realized the error (“computer
glitch”) and promptly reinstated the group policy. I got the
cancellation notice and individual policy offer in the mail today.
Luckily, it its just junk mail now, and we can once again get the meds
and pills we need.

As stupid and as annoyingly incompetant the whole situation was, at
least their service is better than cable.

Oh, and I started my menses yesterday.


6 thoughts on “Cable update and health insurance…

  1. $250 for a packet of pills?! That is obscene – I’ll bet you could pick them up for less than $5 in India.

    The American health system is shocking.


  2. jeez. I think I would’ve called the dr’s office to beg for a few samples.

    sorry to hear about your aunt flo’s monthly visit.

  3. i have to agree with puss… american health care sucks. big time.

    i’m glad all the mistakes and errors were cleared up though. what a roller coaster week.

  4. Puss: thats without insurance. With the insurance, it only costs #30.

    pool: i think thats why they leaped on fixing their error.

    bob: she did, they dont have free samples anymore.

    martha: ha. I think the ride’s about to end.

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