Internet down

I hate cable companies. I came home yesterday to find that my tv was
receiving no signal and that the modem was unresponsive and
“Great.” I thought. “Just great.” I figured it was a temporary thing,
that it would restore itself overnight. Unfortunately not.

I called them this morning, and explained the situation. I told them
that neither brian and I will be home until after 7. They said they will
send a tech between 5 and 7. I told them no one will be there. They
said, between 5 and 7, that they can’t gaurantee post-7 service.

Arg. This is their problem, not mine. Why should I ditch work, why
should Brian ditch work, both of us losing money, just so that their
schedule is not inconvienanced? Is customer service is a thing of the

And to those who are wondering, I’m posting via my mobile email. Thank
goodness for small luxuries…


5 thoughts on “Internet down

  1. i think you’re right. customer service is certainly extinct in more cases than not.

    i hope it works out for you.

  2. what kind of crap is that? tell them that they need to take the lost wages out of your cable bill. and then tell them they’re ugly. just for kicks.

  3. Martha, thanks for the sympathy. 🙂

    Kara, I did…in my mind.

    Pool,I’ve heard all utilities have sucky service. Must be the monopoly they have–when there isn’t any competition, what need to they have for “happy customers”?

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