Interview Meme

Many thanks to the wonderful Pool for giving me these surprisingly
difficult questions.

1. If you had to sit in an airport for 6 hours with all the eateries, and bars closed, where would you choose to sit and why?

I’d find a spot near the gate, then set up a luggage couch against the
wall, with the soft bag at my head and the hard bag at my feet, and I’d
read one of the five books I’d packed. I hate those airport chairs.
They’re so hard, and I honestly don’t like chatting it up with
strangers, so the further I sit from them (and their kids), the better.

2. While watching National Geographic channel, they talk of discovering a new species of whale that DNA-wise we are actually closest to. What is your initial reaction and post reaction?

Initially, I’d exclaim “Awesome! So cool!” and so forth. Then I’d joke
that the creationists were right about not coming from “no damned
monkey” (though I doubt the reception would be better for the notion of coming
from a “fish” LOL). After that, I’d read as much about this discovery
as I could find and talk about it for a few days, until everyone around
me is bored to tears. After a week or two, I’d probably forget about my
excitment and get on with my life.

3. You are on a long car ride (2 days) with 4 other people. You only like one of them. How do you deal with this situation?

I’d bring several books, my hiptop, and a sketchbook. I’d make the best
of the situation by being unfailingly polite to everyone and respecting
boundaries, and I’d keep my opinions to myself. I’d make an effort to
sit next to the one I prefer at all times.

4. Sitting across the table, while playing a drinking game, is a young man with a cystic zit on his nose. Now tipsy and bordering on drunk, how well do you NOT bring up that zit? Explain.

No matter how much I drink, I never really lose my social
consciousness. I don’t know why this is, but it has always been so.
I’m more likely to trip and flash my boobs, than I am to blurt out
stupid things.

5. At lunch with a girlfriend, 2 smart dress (sic) and good looking guys come up to you. Before they get a chance to speak, what are you thinking?

Number one, I don’t trust “pretty boys”. I’ve never been the type of girl they are attracted to, and neither are my few girlfriends. I’d be really resenting this interuption of a comfortable lunch with a good friend. So, word for word, this is what I am thinking: “Oh, jesus, what do THEY want? They better not be proseltyzing Jesus. Fuck, how do I get rid of these dime-bag two-bit jocks?” (God, that sounds terrible. I feel kinda ashamed, but that is what I’d think.)

So there you go! If you’d like to be interviewed as well, say so in the
comments section with an email address, and I’ll send you 5 personalized
questions for your blog.

Thanks for visiting.


6 thoughts on “Interview Meme

  1. haha! I love these answers. Even though I travel with kids, I avoid other travelers with kids. And no, i don’t think your thoughts sound terrible.

  2. haha! I love these answers. Even though I travel with kids, I avoid other travelers with kids. And no, i don’t think your thoughts sound terrible.

  3. I love the honesty in your answers!
    Very good. They show thoughtful and witty character.


    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

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