This henious crime happened early this week :

The Petits are a powerful, influential family in the region. They are
known for charity and good works.
Monday, the mother and her two daughters were found dead–she strangled,
they raped and burned. The father, Dr. Petit, was badly beaten with a
baseball bat and lft to die in the basement. He alone escaped. The
police apprehended the culprits shortly after the fled the scene.
Apparent motivation: robbery. They forced the mother to withdraw 15,000
dollars before slaughtering them.

Brian knows this family; he worked with them in various capacities
during his tenure in Plainville. He knew Dr. Petit. He met the wife
and girls. He had only recently chatted with Bill Petit Sr. last week.
He feels terrible about this. “Why this family in particular?” he
wondered. “My god, Bill (sr.) has lost his grandkids!”

Please join me in sending heartfelt sympathies to the survivors, and
wishes for justice well served.


2 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. Thanks for dropping by to visit me.

    I am horrified and saddened to see this, these things always shock me.
    I cannot understand how people can be so horrible.

    Sending sympathies…

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

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