Don’t believe the TV!

Yesterday, a severe storm rolled in from the shore. It was so bad, it had the local news stations claiming tornados were touching down. The on camera weather persons, in voices full of urgency and constrained panic, implored us all to flee to the center of secure buildings, or hunker down in dark basements. At one point it was claimed that three “tornadoes” had touched down, and one making a beeline towards central Connecticut and Massachusetts.

I live in central Connecticut, and when I heard all this, I felt panic for my poor stranded cats, doomed to suffer a wet, windblown fate. Quickly though, the storm died down, and the sun came out. I got home to a perfectly intact apartment, and perfectly (semi-)content cats.

Here is the explaination of the weather, in today’s papers: first this, then this.

No tornado.
We were all sent into a panic for nothing. I worried about my poor fuzzies for no reason.
I wish I knew how to express just how much disgust I feel for news reporters.

Anyone want to help me out?


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