I’ve decided I hate television.

Firstly, theres nothing on anymore. All I see scheduled in the line up are:

  1. Lame “reality” shows and competitions: examples include “Dancing with the Stars” “The Bachelor” “Deal or No Deal” “Flavor of Love” and “American Idol”. I don’t care about these people. There are no story lines or plots that interest me. All these programs show is humanity at its worst and/or its most shallow, and I don’t find it entertaining at all.
  2. 24 hour “news”: not news at all, but sensationalism and tabloid gossip. I mean, Paris Hilton got sent to jail and they made it into fodder for a weeks worth of mean-spirited guttersniping. And as for “real news”, theres a sad dearth of professionalism in regards to investigation and verification–witness the whole WMD debacle, where the press lapped up White House propaganda and regurgitated it for our edification.
  3. List shows: a staple of VH1, with shows such as “20 most shocking moments in Rock and Roll” and “I love the 80’s”. Pure nostaglia and snide commentary. Sometimes amusing to watch, but I always feel like I’ve wasted my time watching these things. With every top fashion disaster recited, a colony of neurons deep in my cerebellum withers away.
  4. Last, and unfortunately, least, Classic TV: dramas and sitcoms, a dying breed. Even here, quality is gone. The current hits of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Desperate Housewives” bore me. I find the characters shallow and unlikeable and the storylines contrived. And sitcoms? Either cheesy cartoons like “Spongebob Squarepants” or reruns of “Sex and the City” or “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

When I watch tv now, it is only to watch the following shows: “South Park” “the Daily Show” “What Not to Wear” and “Jeopardy”. I also watch the morning news while I get ready for work. Everything else is crap. I’m starting to get sick of “What not to wear” too.

(Warning: soapbox alert)

Secondly: television is the greatest opiate of our times. It kills our ability to entertain ourselves–to be creative; to be passionate. It is a distraction from the things deep within our psyches. I fervently beleive that our ability to be creative is what makes us human–in whatever way we are creative, it is then that we feel our most passionate, most happy, and most complete. Our souls–our essence–lies in our creative power. And often, the secret to creativity is boredom. When we are bored, we actively look for ways to entertain ourselves, to reconnect with the world around us, and with ourselves. To do that requires our creativity.

Televison, like most other forms of “ready-made” entertainment, negate that self-interaction that is crucial to creative endeavors. It is a distraction from our own minds, from our own power. With t.v. we don’t have to be bored. We don’t need to think. We can just sit on our flabby bottoms and let our flabby minds chew the visual cud.


And Finally; I found that television is the greatest impediment to my artmaking. Artmaking is hard. Getting started and focusing on it is hard. Even this computer is an impediment, but at least here I can still think. Television takes away that need to paint, to draw, to design, to think, and to feel. I resent that. Although I cannot rationally blame the t.v. for all my creative problems, it certainly does nothing to solve any of it!


2 thoughts on “Television

  1. I agree–television is is totally evil! Also, don’t forget all the advertising we’re subjected to by means of TV and the cult of celebrity perpetuated by TV (and the media in general).

  2. I agree–television is is totally evil! Also, don’t forget all the advertising we’re subjected to by means of TV and the cult of celebrity perpetuated by TV (and the media in general).

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