Whatever happened to common sense?

Four owners of a local gas station were arrested last night. Police
seized an entire shipment of fireworks that they had planned to sell.
At their gas station.

Hello?! How stupid can you be to sell fireworks at a GAS STATION???

They’re claiming they didn’t know it was illegal to sell fireworks at a
gas station. While ignorance of the law is no excuse, plain old lack of
common sense is just pathetic. I mean, think about it:

1. Fireworks are explosives. By nature, they go bang and make fire.

2. Gas stations store millions of gallons of gasoline. Gasoline that is
contained in pressurized containers.
3. If something goes wrong–a dumbf*ck drops a cigarette, perhaps–and
either the fireworks or a pump catches fire–

BOOOOOM!!!!! Cars flying, people’s bits all over the highway, and a
flaming fireball with buring firecrackers popping within. A national
emergency, with people freaking out about terrorists and whatnot.

You don’t need to know the law to know that it was a very, very, very
bad idea.

I say, kudos to whoever reported those people to the authorities.


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