GOP debate

Brian and I watched part of the South Carolina debate yesterday. I am
left of center, so I am unlikely to vote for any of the candidates, yet
we watched it simply out of curiosity about the ideas of the right. I
learned a couple things:

1: With the exception of John McCain, all the candidates favor the use of
“enhanced interrogation techniques” on prisoners/captives suspected of
knowing the details of whatever nefarious plots exist against the USA.
McCain is against it for ethical and diplomatic reasons, and frequently
mentioned widespread opposition to the idea within military command as
well. He takes a more long-term view. The other candidates seem to
favor the idea for the same reason–that to prevent destruction and
wanton loss of life, the ends justify the means.

2: Rudy Guilliani is running on a 9/11 platform.
Every question can be answered with “9/11!” A topic such as economics,
environment, or national health care would somehow lead to a reminder of
9/11 and how great he was handling it. I found it self-aggrandizing and
quite boring to hear. Then, at one point he got upset at another
candidate for suggesting the the US needs to take responsibility for its
role in 9/11 (foreign policy, Israel, occupation of lands in Arabia and
so forth). During the after-debate interview, he stated that the US has
no responsibility for 9/11, and that the terrorists hate us because of
our freedom, generosity, free speech, democracy, etc, etc…

On the whole, I found McCain more palatable than Gulianni–the whole
line about “they hate us because we are free” completely turned me off
on him. You can read a shot summation of the debate here on the
Washington post:


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