Kevin Trudeau’s "Weight Loss Cure"

Lately, they’ve been showing early-morning infomercials selling Trudeau’s book. He makes a very passionate case trying to sell it, talking about governmental oppression, etc. etc…

I am dubious of wild claims and impassioned oratory, especially when such is made in the pursuit of money. So I went online and did some research.

First, I went to to read reader reviews. Found out the miracle cure has something to do with “hCG”. I googled “hgc weight loss” and that led me to this website:

I read their articles, and here is the gist of it all:
Seems that Trudeau is hyping a treatment “discovered” by a Dr. ATW Simeons in 1954, consisting of daily injections of the hormone human choriogonadotropin (HCG, brand name Novarel), which is normally used to treat female infertility and undescended testes in males.

Apparently, the weight loss protocol described by Trudeau consists of a daily dose of diluted HCG (oral or injected) AND a 500 calorie diet, and requires daily monitoring by a trained physician. Further, it seems that HCG does not affect adipose subcutaneous fat directly (both camps agree on this point)–the weight loss is a result of the restricted caloric intake. Hypothetically, HGC’s role in the diet is to regulate mood and appetite, and increases fat mobilization (I take that to mean it encourages fat burn). The research on those claims regarding HCG’s role is controversial and incomplete. The FDA says that the available research shows no significant impact upon weight loss. Proponents say the FDA’s conclusion is based on flawed research that relied on measures of total weight loss rather than actual fat loss. They present research that claims an actual statistical diffrence in total fat loss, measuring actual levels of subcutaneous fat rather than a person’s total mass. In rebuttal, impartial researchers claim that an analysis of all the research shows no evidence of “fat distribution” “caloric mobilization”, or “appeitite suppressing effects” of any statistical significance. I also noticed that the research used to support their claims has a sample size that’s quite small: at the end of the study, only 5 subjects received the placebo, and only 8 received oral hCG. That makes me doubt the statistical validity of the results.

Here are some sources (all links full of pharmacological technobabble):

For the pro-hcg side:
Here’s the offical website:

Here’s the study mentioned above:

And for the anti-hcg side:
Here’s a critical overview of all the claims:

And this is the impartial review of available research on the topic:

There ya go: the “weight loss cure” is an overhyped starvation diet of dubious, unsubstantiated worth.
Don’t buy the book.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Trudeau’s "Weight Loss Cure"

  1. I would like to tell all who read this blog that I have had problems with my weight my entire life. I have tried every excersise program and diet method.
    I did the Dr. Simeons diet and lost 34 lbs in 42 days. I have been off the diet for a week and have been eating regular and have lost 2 additional lbs.
    This thing works. This is not a scam, there is no money to be made for anyone when people do this diet. You can buy the hCG on the internet for a few hundred dollars – do the diet for 6 weeks and be done. Where is the scam in that!? The only people that lose in this deal are food companys and doctors wallets.

    Let me guess, a skiiny person wrote this blog?? Perhaps you should talk to someone who has done the diet. If you are dedicated to the diet for six weeks, and do not deviate from it, you will lose weight.


  2. I have read lots of people saying that it wouldn’t work too….

    I went to a weight loss clinic in Phoenix two weeks ago… and they went through a VERY thorough examination with an extensive blood workup, body scans… you name it.

    Then under a doctor’s prescription they gave me hgc injections, and also a dhea cream that they formulate and use. I’ve lost 12 pounds in 8 days. The first 4 or 5 days were kind of tough for me… as my body adjusted to things, but I can say without any hesitation that I haven’t felt better in years.

    I’m at 204 right now, and I know that getting to 170 is very feasible.

    While I was there I interviewed about a half a dozen of their patients who had been through the program. They were ecstatic about it.

    They tell me that men average a pound a day, and women average a half a pound a day. The success are amazing…

    I’m videotaping along the way, I am setting up a blog right now to document the whole thing, and also to have visitors keep ME accountable, as I travel a lot, and eating right while on the road is HARD… but I’ll make it.

    Don’t tell me it doesn’t work! For those that say that if I just stuck to the same diet I’d lose the weight too. Maybe, but I’ve never been able to do that.

  3. It’s kinda funny that I came across this post. I work part time at a call center where people call in to order Kevin Trudeaus free book giveaway for “Natural Cures” where we also give away a free copy of “Weight Loss Cures” with every phone call and all we ask is you cover the cost of shipping both books out to you for only $14.95…..
    Ok, I slipped into the script there for a second. Out of everything we take orders for at this call center, the Trudeau crap really worries me. He is obviously a scam artist, been arrested and sued for misrepresentation, credit card fraud, misapropriation ofpersonal data, etc. Luckily for our callers and anyone who takes advantage of his ‘free’ books, all credit card transactions and personal data are handled by third party companies like the one I work for rather than Trudeau himself or his parent company.
    But every time I take a “Natural CUres” call, I always have to stop myself from telling the caller “It’s all bullshit, hang up before I convince you to get the books” and secretly, I’m happy when they hang up and decide not to take advantage.

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