Hot dog.

Some lessons are repeated, and never learned:
Case in point; Hot dogs are bad.

I’ve “known” years now that I can’t eat hot dogs. But I forgot, and today had a foot and a half long hot dog with cheese for dinner. Now I remember why I avoid hot dogs: heartburn sucks.

It wasn’t even that great of a dog. Tough, wrinkled, and oddly spiced.

The last hot dog I ate was over 3 months ago….maybe I’ll learn this time.


5 thoughts on “Hot dog.

  1. mist1: thanks for visiting! I wish I felt the same about corn dogs, though–I find them to be even WORSE that regular weiners when it comes to heartburn…

    Jen: you know me, I persist in the face of aversity.

  2. I will eat and enjoy hot dogs for you, after all, that’s what Mom’s are for right?! Love you! and now, I go back to surfing

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